About Us

This Intentional Design Studio (IDeaS) brings together artists and developers to work on innovative projects. Students and professionals work together using the newest hardware and software technologies in AR, VR, Mobile App Development, and simulation design. We do projects in medical imaging, architectural engineering, educational app development, simulated environments, augmented realities, and so much more.  

Don’t have experience? Don’t worry! We can help you learn how to work in a diverse media landscape.


Protein Structure Visualization in AR

This web application is designed to visualize the protein Structure in AR and help undergraduates have a better understanding of the structure.

Flow Chemistry

As part of our Department of Energy RAPID grant, we developed an augmented reality program to build a flow chemistry set-up.

VR Lighting Experiment Application

Worked with a team of undergraduate students to develop a VR application for them to test the impacts of different lighting values have on stress.

360 Lab Project

A training module created by 360 cameras and virtual walkthroughs.

Policy Modeling Simulation

A simulated model of the Worcester public transportation system. 

AR/VR Examples of Mechanisms

Provide VR and AR case studies for mechanical engineering courses.

Procedural Patchwork

It is a research project centered on a skilled adult population of quilters. We are investigating the connection between the practice of quilting and computational thinking.

Jersey Design Workshop App for WAM

A mobile app to design a baseball jersey for Helmutt, the Worcester Art Museum’s mascot! Mix and match styles, colors, type faces, and other design elements to create one-of-a-kind jerseys.

Free Body Diagram App

We’re creating a mobile application that is meant to help mechanical engineering students learn statics concepts by working with free body diagrams.

FIRST Robotics Game

aMAZEing Robots is a 4-player party game that celebrates the adaptability and silliness of robots.