Protein Structure Visualization in AR

This web application is designed to visualize the protein Structure in AR and help undergraduates have a better understanding of the structure.

Flow Chemistry

As part of our Department of Energy RAPID grant, we developed an augmented reality program to build a flow chemistry set-up.

VR Lighting Experiment Application

Worked with a team of undergraduate students to develop a VR application for them to test the impacts of different lighting values have on stress.

360 Lab Project

A training module created by 360 cameras and virtual walkthroughs.

Policy Modeling Simulation

A simulated model of the Worcester public transportation system. 

AR/VR Examples of Mechanisms

Provide VR and AR case studies for mechanical engineering courses.

Procedural Patchwork

It is a research project centered on a skilled adult population of quilters. We are investigating the connection between the practice of quilting and computational thinking.

Jersey Design Workshop App for WAM

A mobile app to design a baseball jersey for Helmutt, the Worcester Art Museum’s mascot! Mix and match styles, colors, type faces, and other design elements to create one-of-a-kind jerseys.

Free Body Diagram App

We’re creating a mobile application that is meant to help mechanical engineering students learn statics concepts by working with free body diagrams.

FIRST Robotics Game

aMAZEing Robots is a 4-player party game that celebrates the adaptability and silliness of robots.     

Delsys VR Games

This project is the development of VR games targeted toward children with muscular dystrophy in the 8 to 12-year-old age range. 

WAM AR Jewelry Try-on

This is an AR application designed for “Jewels of the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Treasures” exhibition in Worcester Art Museum.

Wheel UP

A wheelchair training simulator for smart and connected communities.